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Q Shield™

A new gold standard in hand and surface hygiene gives you better protection for longer than ever before.

Q Shield™ is on a mission to transform the standards of hand and surface hygiene around the world.

Q Shield™ hand and surface sanitizers use the first-ever multi-SiQuat formula to defend against a broad spectrum of pathogens in commercial and consumer settings.

Q Shield™ patented technologies offer lasting protection so you can return to daily life safely, productively, and joyfully.

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Q Shield™ is developing technologies to monitor your environments for pathogen exposure in real-time.

Our upcoming software and dynamic monitoring services empower you to respond to risks quickly so that you can protect your people and properties without interruption.

“Q-Shield changed my life. It eliminated my fear of touching a surface and gave me a piece of much-needed normalcy. Where there is normalcy, there is hope.”

Diane Provo, M.S., Ed.

teacher and education consultant